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  Palestinians have been increasingly unwelcomed guests in Lebanon for 65 years, ever since the 1948 Nakba. Today they live sardine-canned in 12 camps and as many ‘gatherings’, often in conflict-ridden environments, and on the margins of society. They are barred from even the elementary civil right to work or to own a home and face state sponsored discrimination when they apply for admittance to public institutions of higher learning.
 Palestinian youngsters are facing a bleak future, even as they persevere with their determined push to attain knowledge and marketable skills so that their own adulthood and their lives, mainly ahead of them, are not plagued by Kafkaesque impediments that have targeted their parents’ generation.

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The Number of Palestinian Refugees registered by UNRWA

Mar Elias 600
Burj el-barajneh 16,000
Shatila 8,500
El-Buss 9,500
Dbayeh 4,000
Ein el-Hilweh 47,500
Beddawi 15,500
Rashidieh 27,500
Wavell 8,000
Mieh Mieh 4,473
Jisr Al Basha  4,100
Burj el-Sheali 19,500
Tel al Zaatar 50,000
Nahr el-Bared 27,500
The Condition of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

  Based on PCRC research all gatherings located on public land, have specific rehabilitation needs related to housing and infrastructure such as electricity and basic sanitation. Unfortunately, due to the implementation of the 2001 law, banning property ownership for Palestinian refugees, the Lebanese authorities severely restrict any maintenance of buildings. UNRWA services are very limited despite 75,000 Palestinian refugees living in these hovels, and the gatherings remain largely unknown to the international humanitarian community.
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       Our commitment is to be part of educating Palestinians in innovative ways that will increase these valued youngsters 'opportunities for personal advancement. We at the SSSP intend to change the current dynamic to the best of our ability by encouraging and assisting Palestinian youth not only to stay in school but to pursue higher education to the best of their ability. We recognize that most Palestinian families struggle to make ends meet and that paying higher education tuition costs is often beyond their means.
The SSSP seeks to provide higher education scholarship assistance to as many Palestinian students in Lebanon as we are able to, in order to encourage them to achieve their dreams for a interesting and more fulfilling life, while aiding their community and their fellow refugees continuing quest to return to Palestine.
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